Before you Rebuild your Computer (Actually, before your system fails)

Sometimes the Universe sends you a message. We don’t listen, so the Universe sends it again. And again. Until we learn. Four friends, clients, former students contacted me during my holiday time to request (beg?) assistance recovering or rebuilding their … Continue Reading

Wireless Networking for the IT Professional. Now Available at Interface Technical Training

Why IT professionals need to understand wireless Wireless networks are becoming increasingly more important to all organizations, from  mall mom and pop stores, to major corporations. It is forecasted that by 2018 wireless devices will account for 61% of IP … Continue Reading

The Best Anti-Phishing Tool in the Enterprise… Is Free!

Phishing is a combination of social engineering and technology that tries to trick users into disclosing sensitive information. You’re probably already familiar with the stereotypical Nigerian Prince email – an unsolicited email from an unknown sender identifying himself as a … Continue Reading

Configuring Windows 8 1 Mobility Center and How to Turn it On and Off

Video – Configuring Windows 8 1 Mobility Center Video transcription Steve Fullmer:   In our Windows 8.1 deployment courses, we often share information about the Windows 8.1 Mobility Center. Mobility Center was introduced for mobile and laptop devices in Windows … Continue Reading

PMP Procurement – Rent vs Buy Decisions

Video – PMP Procurement – Rent vs Buy Decisions Video transcription Steve Fullmer: As students prepare for the Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification, one of the areas upon, which there is an intense focus, perhaps we’ll call it a volume … Continue Reading

CCNA R&S prep, GNS3 1.x, and Router-on-a-stick!

Have you had a chance to build some projects in the new rev of GNS3?  If you have not done so yet, I would highly recommend heading over to GNS3 and downloading it.  In this blog I will presume that you … Continue Reading

Installing and Configuring Network Address Translation (NAT) on your Host Computer to connect Virtual Machines running on an internal Hyper-V Virtual Switch

If you are running your virtual machines in an internal network and you need to provide them with internet or connectivity to your corporate network there are a couple different solutions.   One solution is to use your host computer as … Continue Reading

Installing and Configuring Network Address Translation (NAT) on a Virtual Machine to connect Virtual Machines running in an Internal or a Private Hyper-V Virtual Switch

If you are running your virtual machines in an Internal or a Private network and you need to provide them with internet or connectivity to your corporate network there are a couple different solutions.  One solution is to use a … Continue Reading

Using Custom Code in SSRS

While expressions allow you to use limited VB.Net to create advanced dynamic functionality in your SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) reports, custom code allows you to leverage much more of the power of VB.Net. The focus of this article is … Continue Reading

Checking and Changing Adobe Flash Camera and Mic Settings in Windows

Adobe Flash gets used for a ton of web-based media applications, from game streaming to web conferences to online training courses. Here at Interface we use a Flash-based application called Adobe Connect for our remote student connections. Even though HTML5 … Continue Reading

Preparing for the CompTIA Network + Class

Hi, I’m Mark Jacob, Interface Technical Training Cisco Instructor and I also teach Networking classes including CompTIA Network +. In fact, I want to introduce this topic to you, because Interface Technical Training will be once again resuming the teaching of … Continue Reading

Creating a Standalone NTP Server With Windows

I must govern the clock, not be governed by it.” – Golda Meir You probably already know that having accurate time set on all clients and servers is important. Very bad things happen when computer clocks disagree. Things like: Users … Continue Reading

Games (Project) Trainers Play

Several of my PMP students have requested additional ideas for team building exercises, both general purpose and focused on teaching aspects of project management. Hopefully this post will provide a few new ideas and alternatives. My favorite source for creative … Continue Reading

Microsoft announces changes to SQL Server 2012 MCSA Certification

Are you working towards your SQL Server 2012 Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA) credentials?  If so, you now have more options for your exams.  Starting on 15 September 2014 there are now electives for your MCSA certification. There are now … Continue Reading

Connection Manager Administration Kit (CMAK) an Overview and General Guideline

The Connection Manager Administration Kit has been around since Windows Server 2003 as an embedded Windows server feature.  Initially available for server platforms, this deployment enabling tool is now supported on selected Windows 7 and Windows 8/8.1 client platforms. Windows … Continue Reading

How to Display Blanks as Zeros in a SSRS Report

Some of the cells in this SSRS matrix report are blank: To display zeros instead, we will use two functions: 1.


  In the design of the matrix, right-click on the textbox containing the values in question, … Continue Reading

PMP: Change – The Purpose for Projects November, 4, 2014 Video and Presentation Files

The Project Management Webinar Change – The Purpose for Projects is over but here’s your chance to watch the video on our Video Training website: Video: PMP: Change – The Purpose for Projects November, 4, 2014 Here are Steve Fullmer’s … Continue Reading

Updating Group Policies with GPUpdate and GPUpdate /Force

I teach several classes that cover Windows deployment, operations, and troubleshooting. Most of the content I teach is focused on enterprise environments – that is, generally, more than 5,000 systems. At that scale centralized IT management is a requirement, not … Continue Reading

PMI Global Congress 2014 Recap

If you were at the 2014 PMI Global Congress in Phoenix last week, you probably don’t have time to read this blog. You are in the field becoming a world changer! The theme Progressive Learning played throughout the week as … Continue Reading

How to add the Dial-in Tab in Windows 7 Remote Sever Administration Tools (RSAT)

After downloading and installing the Remote Sever Administration Tools (RSAT) in Windows 7 the Dial-in tab is missing in both the Active Directory Administrative Center (ADAC) (See figure 1 ).and Active Directory Users and Computers (ADUC) (See figure 2 ). … Continue Reading