How to use CSVDE Comma Separated Value Data Exchange to Import and Export users into an Active Directory Database in Windows Server 2016

    In this video, Windows Server Instructor Rick Trader presents how to use Comma Separated Value Data Exchange  (CSVDE) to import and export users into an Active Directory Databases. For all technologies we teach, see our complete course schedule. Until… Continue reading

BitLocker to Go READER in Windows 10

Microsoft has provided BitLocker since the Enterprise and Ultimate versions of Windows Vista and Windows 7. The Vista release could only encrypt operating system partitions (with some extended capability through the command line tool). Windows 7 inclusion extended whole drive… Continue reading

CompTIA Series: A+ 900 Acronyms

The CompTIA certification series continues to evolve.  The entry level Strata exam has been displaced by CompTIA IT Fundamentals as entry level certification requirements increase in breadth and complexity. The CompTIA A+ 900 series objectives introduced in December 2015 include more… Continue reading

IPv6 Port Redirection

In this video, Cisco CCNA Instructor Mark Jacob demonstrates how to do port redirections in IPv6. Video Transcription:   Back in November, I wrote a blog. If you read the blogs  at, and it was about IPv6. In fact,… Continue reading

Summer Slump for PMP Project Managers

Yesterday I attended a fantastic teleconference titled Summer Surge: 10 Strategies to Beat the ‘Summer Slump’ by my mentor Darren Hardy. The content got me to thinking more deeply about the term ‘Enterprise Environmental Factors’ related to Planning Human Relationship… Continue reading

Cisco is going viral (VIRL actually)!

Heads up!! If you haven’t already heard, Cisco has rolled out a new virtualization solution which will allow Network Administrators and Engineers, in short, IT Professional of all kinds, to design, deploy, and test network topologies before actual nuts and… Continue reading