Video – How to Access the Online Lab Environment

Video – How to Access the Online Lab Environment How to Access the Online Lab Environment: Video Transcript: To launch the lab environment, I go to the module I’m working on. In this case, I’ll stick with module one, features … Continue Reading

Creating an Installation USB Stick for Kali Linux

Kali Linux is an ultra-powerful security tool. I use it extensively when doing Wi-Fi penetration testing, network security evaluations, and security audit tasks. It is freely downloadable from as an ISO. I want to get the best possible performance … Continue Reading

Using File Server Resource Manager (FSRM) to Locate and Classify Sensitive Data such as Credit Card Numbers Stored Inside of Documents

Scenario: Corporate policy states that sales employees should not be storing customer credit card information especially credit card numbers on the file servers. As the administrator of the file sever you have been tasked with locating any files that have … Continue Reading

A Real-World Example of a Non-Correlated SELECT Subquery and Cross Join

I recently developed a solution to a problem that is a good example of a non-correlated subquery in a SELECT clause that can also be written as a cross join. I’ll describe the requirement, the data, and then the solution … Continue Reading

How to Verify a System Center Configuration Manager Client is Finished Installing

When working with System Center Configuration Manager 2007, 2012, or 2012 R2, one of your primary tasks is to ensure that the Configuration Manager Client Agent is successfully installed and running properly. The agent must be running to make client … Continue Reading

How to Use Oracle Virtual Box

Video tutorial on how to How to Use Oracle Virtual Box by Cisco and NET+ instructor Mark Jacob. By far easier than re configuring an actual machine, you can make the virtual machine the way you want it, save that … Continue Reading

Using Regedit.exe to Modify the Screen Saver Grace Period Locally

Within the operating system there is a delay from when the screen saver activates and the system actually locks the display requiring you to enter a password to continue working.  This period of time is known as the screen saver … Continue Reading

Windows 10 – First Look

In my last Windows 10 blog I had just installed the operating system using an ‘in place upgrade’ from Windows 8.1. Several of the desktop features appear to be residue from Lenovo and my Windows 8.1 environment, although there is … Continue Reading

Accessing Advanced Wireless Settings for Intel Wireless Adapters

“Does it matter which wireless adapter is in my new laptop?” I get this question whenever a coworker or friend is buying a new laptop. My first answer is that it depends on what they want to do with it. … Continue Reading

Changing Your MAC Address With Intel Drivers in Windows

You probably already know that each network interface card (NIC) on a network must have a media access control (MAC) address. Each address must be unique to the network, and should be globally unique. However, you might have the need … Continue Reading

Mental Sprint and Recover by Steven Fullmer PMP

Mind you, I studied neurochemistry, but am not a practicing neuroscientist. I do however actively study leadership and productivity, and have done so for more than 30 years. During that time I have continually monitored advances in our understanding of … Continue Reading

How to Make your Linux Box a DHCP Server

This topic is of interest to readers who are desiring their Network Plus certification, or those who just like to tinker with network settings (in a safe and approved environment) and observe the results. In this blog, I will delve … Continue Reading

Windows 10 Introduction

Just finished watching a Microsoft Webcast, “What’s Next with Windows 10” with Stephen Rose and Jeremy Korst. I became a member of the ‘Windows Insider Program’ last week and downloaded a copy of the Windows 10 Technical Preview ISO file.  … Continue Reading

Enabling Hypervisor to auto start in the Boot Configuration Database (BCD)

If you are getting the following error when attempting to start a Virtual Machine (VM) in Hyper-V, Virtualization may either be not enabled in BIOS or Hypervisor was not started during your computer start up. Recently after configuring a computer … Continue Reading

Repeating and Freezing Column Headers in SSRS Tables

In this article I’ll show you how to configure a table tablix to both repeat column headers at the top of every page and freeze them while scrolling. While tablixes have properties for these things, they only work in matrix … Continue Reading

Sources of Interference and When You Should Be Concerned

What is interference? Wi-Fi operates in the license-exempt frequency bands. The main advantage of operating in these bands is that the network administrator does not need to pay a licensing fee to operate their equipment. The primary disadvantage of operating … Continue Reading

Restoring Your Original MAC Address with Intel Drivers in Windows

You probably already know that each network interface card (NIC) on a network must have a media access control (MAC) address. Each address must be unique to the network, and should be globally unique. You might have changed the MAC … Continue Reading

A Cisco solution that’s perfectly NAT-ural

If you are reaching for your CCNA R&S certification, you probably already know that configuring NAT is on the list of stuff to know. In the CCNA world, this is accomplished using dynamic NAT, or NAT pools, as one solution, … Continue Reading

Time to Recover – Rebuilding your Computer

(Part two in a series) For part one go to: Before you Rebuild your Computer (Actually, before your system fails) In my last blog, I shared suggestions that might help you to affect an efficient return to service for your … Continue Reading

Finding Rogue Wireless Access Points with Kali Linux

Many Wi-Fi network administrators have trouble dealing with unauthorized Wi-Fi access points on their networks. Users bring in their own APs so they can connect their iPad, their phone, their gaming device, even their non-approved laptops to the corporate network. … Continue Reading